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Antipasto - Starter

Bruschetta Capreses (V)

toasted homemade foccacio bread topped with mozzarella pearls and vine cherry tomatoes, basil, extra virgin oil

£ 7.99

Bruschetta Classica (V)

toasted homemade foccacio bread, plum tomatoes, basil and extra virgin oil

£ 7.45

Fritto Calamari

deep fried calamari, served with garlic mayo

£ 7.99

Caesar de Pollo (Caesar salad with chicken)

baby jam, homemade Caesar dressing, chargrilled chicken served with parmigiano and garlic croutons

£ 10.99

Rocket and Parmigiano (V)

served with balsamic and extra olive oil

£ 7.50

Capreses Buffalo mozzarella and plum tomatoes (V)

served with balsamic reduction and extra virgin olive oil and arugola

£ 9.99

Formaggio de funghi (mushroom stuffing) (V)

stuffed Portobello mushroom with blue mozzarella and parmesan and mixed herbs, served with balsamic reduction

£ 9.99

Carpaccio di manzo

thin sliced of raw beef fillet, mustard dressing, rocket leaves and parmesan

£ 12.99

Grilled Goat Cheese

served with red onion marmalade, and balsamic reduction

£ 9.99

Aubergine Timbale

oven baked aubergine mozzarella parmesan basil, served pomodoro salsa

£ 8.95

Antipasti for 2 People

mix-olive, garlic-bread, salad, cherry tomato parma ham, salami, pepperoni pancetta, chorizo, mini mozzarella

£ 15.00

Garlic Bread

£ 5.99

Garlic Bread Cheese

£ 6.99

Zuppa - Soup

Zuppa di Minestrone (V)

Italian classical mixed vegetable soup made the traditional way

£ 7.99

Zuppa di Pesce (Seafood Soup)

prawn, calamari, mussels, clam, mixed fish and pernold

£ 10.99

Cozze di Marine

mussels cooked with garlic, white wine and tomato or cream sauce and parsley, served with garlic bread

£ 9.99


KB’s Special Calzone

half moon pizza with mushroom, baby spinach chorizo, artichoke, ricotta, buffalo mozzarella and served with vine tomato sauce

£ 16.99

Pizza Margherita

tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil

£ 14.99

Pizza Quattro Stagioni

cherry tomato, artichoke, parma ham, mushroom, and calamata with mozzarella

£ 15.99

Pizza Frutti di Mare

mixed fresh seafood, shrimps, calamari, mussels, salmon and buffalo mozzarella

£ 16.99

Pizza Pepperoni

Italian pepperoni and tomato sauce buffalo mozzarella

£ 15.99

Pizza Formaggio

tomatoes sauce, gorgonzola, buffalo mozzarella taleggio and parmesan

£ 16.95

Pizza Verdure

mushroom, tomato sauce, mixed vegetables, buffalo mozzarella

£ 15.99

Pizza Prosciutto

sliced parma ham, arugola rocket salad and Buffalo mozzarella

£ 15.99

Pizza Americano

Pizza Americano

£ 15.99

Pollo - Chicken

Pollo alla Parmigiana

lightly breaded and baked with mozzarella parmesan and tomato sauce served with vegetables spaghetti and extra-virgin olive oil

£ 18.99

Pollo di Parma

oven-baked parma ham wrapped chicken fillet served with grilled vegetables new roast potatoes and thyme salsa

£ 18.99

Pollo alla Cacciatora

hunter style chicken breast and mushrooms pancetta cherry tomato sauce, chorizo and caponata and roast potatoes

£ 18.99

Contorni - Side Dishes

Roast potatoes

£ 6.99

Mixed Salad

£ 6.99


£ 5.99

Garlic Chips

£ 6.99


Linguine al Frutti di Mare

long pasta with mussels, shrimps, calamari, fish, chilli, garlic and cherry plum tomato sauce, extra olive oil

£ 16.95

Fresh Tagliatelle al Salmone Asparagi

ribbon egg pasta with Scottish salmon, asparagus, cream and parmesan

£ 16.99

Spaghetti Carbonara

spaghetti, smoked bacon, egg yolk and cream served with crushed black pepper and grano padano

£ 15.99

Spaghetti Bolognese

spaghetti with classic Italian beef ragu served with parmesan

£ 15.99

Spaghetti Puttanesca

spaghetti with anchovi, black olive, capper and tomato sauce sserved with parmesan

£ 15.99

Lasagne al Forno

classic layered baked pasta with beef ragu served with garlic bread, mixed salad

£ 16.95

KB’s Special Pasta

penne pasta with wild mushroom, chorizo, cherry plum tomato sauce and basil

£ 16.45

Gnocchi de Patate

potato and ricotta gnocchi served with homemade basil pesto

£ 16.99


ricotta and fresh spinach ravioli served with vine cherry tomato sauce or sage and butter

£ 16.99

Tagliatelle Gamberoni

flat long pasta with king prawn and baby spinach light plum tomato sauce

£ 16.99

Risotto Funghi Porchini

ceps mushroom risotto rice served with granopadono with truffle oil

£ 17.99

Risotto Gamberoni

tiger prawns and rich selfish stock risotto, served with parmesan extra virgin olive oil

£ 17.99

Penne All’Amatriciana

penne pasta, pancetta bacon, onion, garlic, plum tomato sauce

£ 16.99

Penne alla Pollo Funghi

chicken and wild mushroom, tomato sauce and cream, served with parmesan

£ 16.99

Frutti de Mare - Seafood

Salmone con patate

oven baked Scottish salmon serve with lemon crust potato and green beans with chunk tomato caper and extra virgin olive oiloven baked Scottish salmon serve with lemon crust potato and green beans with chunk tomato caper and extra virgin olive oil

£ 20.00

Branzino (Seabass)

chargrilled fillet of whole sea bass serve with braised fennel, fresh chunk plum tomatoes and capers and extra virgin olive salsa

£ 22.00

Gamberoni Griliati

chargrilled king prawn, salsa lemon with hint chilli and olive oil serve with spaghetti aglio olio

£ 25.00

Fritto Misto (Mixed Seafood)

a medley of fish, prawns, calamari, salmon, haddock, beer batter served with garlic mayo

£ 20.00

La rana pescatrice - (Monkfish)

oven baked monkfish saffron risotto, serve with capers and tomato

£ 27.00

Secondi - Meat

Braciole Di Maiale (Pork Chop) - Scotch Pork

panfried chop, with breadcrumb, mozarella, seved with mixed veg. and sage crusted potatoes

£ 19.95

Agnello (Lamb )(8 oz) - Scotch Lamb

pan fried rump of lamb served with ratatouille roast potato and mint sauce

£ 23.95

Vitello Saltimboca alla Romana (Veal) Scotch

pan fried rump of lamb served with ratatouille roast potato and mint sauce

£ 20.95

Bistecca (8oz)- Scotch Beef (Sirloin)Fillet Steak

chargrilled Scottish sirloin cooked to your choice, served with garlic chips grilled artichoke, portobello mushroom and grilled tomato

£ 25.99

Filetto di Manzo (8oz)- Scotch Beef Fillet Steak - advanced order only

served with portobello mushroom plum grill tomato and garlic chips

£ 46.99

Bambini - Kids Menu

Kids Pizza

-- any extra toppings (pepperoni - chicken - ham - mushroom)

£ 8.99

£ 2.00

Kids Fish Finger

£ 7.99

Kids Macaroni

£ 7.99

Kids Chicken

£ 7.99

Dolce - Dessert

Tramisu - Homemade

£ 8.99

Vanilla Panna Cotta - Homemade

£ 8.99

Lemon Cheescake

£ 8.99

Ice Cream

Vanilla / Chocolate / Strawberry

£ 8.50

Ice Cream Mix

£ 9.99

Lemon Sorbet

£ 9.99

Zabaione (Sabayon)

served coffe ice cream amrito biscuit, amarito liqueur, egg yolk

£ 11.99

Home Made Rice Pudding

served with pistachio

£ 9.99